Saturday, September 12, 2009

Light Brite

Here at Casa de Lanners we've been busy. After a long three days at the hospital we were released at 9 pm last night. Mild chaos was our first night but our first full day was great. Our wee one has an elevated billirubin so she's on a billibed ( a light box ) to help her body process it. Every available oppertunity she's strapped into a blanket on top of the lights. I can't help but sing the jingle to Light Brite everytime I peek at her.


twinsetellen said...

Her blanket even has circles to look like the Lite Brite pegs! I'm sure this hiccup will resolve quickly - I've known several lovely babies who got to do the sun lamps for a few days and did wonderfully well.

The nights get better - usually about the time they leave for college. ;-)

Anonymous said...

she is the epitome of sweetness and light

bspinner said...

What a beautiful baby!!!! Are you bring her along with to New York?