Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In the hopes of increasing my updates I downloaded a new application. This is a test. This is also what the kiln looks like the day before each and every show I do. It's at 1600 degrees on it's way down to room temp. I should be able to load these pots into bins sometime this evening!


Jessica K. said...

Looking forward to your booth at MDSW!

roxy =^o^= said...

Jennie - I adore the bowl I just bought on Saturday - Amy wrote it up for me and it sits on my sink vanity with a yummy chunk of Lush soap.

Thank you for having such an awesome line of beautiful work available. I hope to be able to afford a yarn bowl soon!


~Anne aka harajukuroxy on knitty & Ravelry

Anna said...

Hi Jennie,

It was great to meet you at MD on Saturday! So glad to have a mug of yours. If you are interested visit


for info about the place where I have my studio. The work they show for me is a bit old but still close to what I do. Good luck with your new project!