Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just in time for show and tell at camp I finished the February Lady Sweater. (I used Mission Falls 1824 color 030 - barely into the 13th skein.) I'm please with the finished garment - just looking for the perfect buttons!! I'm thinking big wooden buttons - or maybe horn?
Good thing I have to be a vendor at a fiber festival this weekend! If you are in the Chicago land area (or are up for a road trip) c'mon and visit with us. The second Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair looks like it will be great. I'm going to be teaching a beginning sock class - and I get another road trip with Mom! I'm looking forward to visiting with everyone. Stop by and say Hi!


bockstark.knits said...

Where is the shot of you modeling it??? It's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing but I want to see you wear it too. :) Have fun at the fiber fest you HAVE to go to. That's like me saying I HAVE to get pedicures because I can't reach my feet. But it works for me.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Hi Jennie! It was fun to meet you at the Midwest Fiber Fest (and I love what I bought.) I thought I'd let you know that I was trying to find you under "" and that's why your website never came up. (I mentioned to you in the booth that I couldn't get your website to work.) Today I googled it and found the correct spelling of your name and of course your website works just fine. :-)

Have fun at Camp!