Friday, January 18, 2008

Check it out!

I was going to originally blog about my procraftination. (procrastination via craft)
I made myself a spiffy new apron with old jeans and overall remnants I had laying around. Theo was hamming it up for the camera. Here's a closeup. Yes, one of the pieces is sewn on backwards - I kinda like it that way.

Very Gee's Bend, No?
( I have an awful lot of these remnants - perhaps a duvet cover?)
I was sidetracked by an email about this. Cool!


PumpkinGirl said...

Looks really cool! Way to recycle!

Anonymous said...


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My email to you has bounced back. As a last resort I thought I would try to contact you via your blog. I'm hoping you can help resolve the issue stated above?